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Denver natives and fathers Dr. Ryan Ross, RP the Barber, and DJ K-Tone believe that while education is a right for all and not a privilege for some, there are instances where students need some support to ensure they have the confidence and appropriate tools to engage in thier educational journey.  Data suggests elementary school is when children experience the most impactful challenges to esteem and the fourth grade in particular is where the achievement gap begins to widen.  This initiatives sets to ensure a minimum of 100 students this year will have the tools necessary to engage in the educational experience appropriately and have increased confidence with a new hair cut or style for the first week of school, when many relationships are formed and assumptions about others drawn.   

How Can I Help?

Great question!  It takes a village and we have learned we are only as strong as those engaged within it.  We are looking for donations of individuals supplies, boys and girls back packs, back packs fully loaded with supplies, cash and/or gifts cards to purchase supplies, and more. Please check the GET INVOLVED tab for in depth information.  









             “ We should remember that good fortune often                           happens when opportunity meets with preparation.”

                                                                                    Thomas Edison 


     Help us ensure our little ones are ready when they are introducesd to opportunity






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